Collaborative divorce in Tampa

Most people do not know that a collaborative divorce is, and when they think of a divorce, they picture a scene from a Hollywood movie in which a battle takes place in a courtroom, with heated heads screaming their brains out. And indeed, that is what it is like in Florida and Tampa, where one side is pitted against the other. However, a collaborative divorce does things a little differently.

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These types of divorce start with each party keep hold of their own attorney who commits to resolve all the disputes in a private manner.  The opposite parties (the spouses) as well as their attorneys then sign an agreement of participation, which will forbid the attorneys from showing up in any heated court hearing against the other party. By doing this, no money gets wasted and spent on expensive depositions, and other various costly legal items. The only job the attorneys have here is to help the parties reach an agreement in a calm, respectful and transparent way.

78163618The collaborative divorce makes the process move forward faster than any other, due to the fact that it focuses on the future, rather than on the past, which is usually the case with divorce proceedings. This is done with the help of a Facilitator. A Facilitator needs to be a person that has passed all the mental history checks, and a person who can be constructive all the time. That way, the parties can focus on the things that are important, such as the future of their children. And even if there is still a divorce process going on, a Facilitator helps to keep the relationship between the parties remain on a good side.

To make the process even more transparent and to keep the process being efficient, there will often be a need to hire a neutral financial professional. This has to be done due to the fact that most divorce proceedings are done to figure out who gets to pay the child support, how big should the child support be, etc.

This financial professional will also make sure that the opposing parties get a better footing as soon as the divorce has been finalized. Usually, the marriage consists of two people, and one of them is better with money that the other one. Because of this, the transition can be a bit challenging and hard. But here, the financial professional will teach that person how to deal with money and help them become more efficient with it.

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This collaborative divorce is a great thing, and especially because of the fact that there is a lot less fighting going on, as well as a lot more concrete discussion, and more logical decisions. The couples tend to remain on good terms after this, and it appears as if every one of them gets the same and loses the same. So, no one is a winner, and no one is a loser. This is a lot better than after a regular divorce proceeding, after which nothing stays the same anymore.

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