SC Woman Sues After Husband Dies in Fatal Hit and Run Accident

Last December a man was killed in an accident at the North Florida port terminal and now his wife has launched a lawsuit claiming that the accident could have been criminal in nature.

Truck driver Derek Boyd was killed last winter and the police claim that he had been, “working on securing his container to the chassis when for an unknown reason he made contact with another truck and sustained head injuries.  That truck then left the scene.”  They gave no of the truck that allegedly hit Boyd.overturned-truck

Court documents show that Trina Boyd his wife filed a lawsuit stating the her Boyds death was “likely due to the negligence” of port officials and their employees.  Documents filed from the lawsuit also say there is a serious conflict of interest that the Port police were the ones investigating the incident.

Port Authority legal counsel has file to have the case dismissed, but Boyds attorneys countered with another statement.

“Information and evidence indicate the matter may be criminal in nature,” the answer reads.

“Overall this is a sad situation where one man lost his life and the circumstances surrounding it are unresolved and unclear.  His family is devastated and have no closure in regard to the incident,” says Matthew Jacobs of, attorney at a top personal injury law firm in Florida.

The lawsuit formfirst step to take if you or a family member have been injured through no fault of your own is to contact a personal injury attorney to fight for your rights.  Make sure you retain an experienced attorney so you can receive the compensation you deserve for all you have been through.  Once you contact an attorney they will set up a consultation and review all the details of your case.  After seeing what your case involves they can easily direct you towards a great solution for you and your family.  If you and your attorney decide that filing a lawsuit is the right direction to go, they will file all the necessary paperwork and get the ball rolling.

Keep in mind a good personal injury attorney will never pressure you in any way to resolve your case.  They will simply act as your advocate and help you navigate the legal process.  If you are recovering from an injury or dealing with the death of a loved one, let your John Bales Attorneys do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the legal issues.

Most likely your lawsuit will then move to the negotiations phase where majority of cases are settled, never having to endure a trial.

Accidents happen and often times they are devastating to both the victim and their families.  Don’t try to work through it alone, let a trusted personal injury attorney help.  It is unfair to have the added financial burden or medical bills or burial cost fall in your lap.  It can also be challenging to lose work and money due to the injury. Let us help.

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